LOCSS 的品德课本周开始了“诚信”专题的第一个篇章——诚信的意义。老师们由“口是心非”的小游戏开始,要求大家在用是和否回答问题的同时,以点头和摇头表示相反的意义,通过这样的小游戏来引出今天的主题,并引发大家对诚信的意义的思考,同学们也踊跃发言列举关于诚信的格言警句。


The moral education class in LOCSS has entered into the final stage of the third period–The Code of Conduct. Today, on November 21st, students took an exam by choosing one of three class topics to give a speech.

Each student chose their own topic and talked about how important it is to talk and behave in a decent way. They shared stories about how they developed social relationships, as well as played out different scenarios to tell the different consequences.

As a result, most of the students understand better the value and importance of the code of conduct, and promise that they will try to reach a higher moral level.

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