LOCSS 的品德课“诚信”专题中,“诚信做人”这一篇章在一个简单的课堂活动中拉开了序幕,学生们纷纷认真思考了自己最愿意和什么样的人做朋友,并探讨出了“诚信做人”的重要意义。

接下来老师为大家放映了视频短片”What would you do if you found a lost wallet?” 一波三折的剧情让同学们在不断的猜测中思考着诚信做人的要素,视频的结局虽然出乎意料,却也在情理之中,令孩子们深深体会到了诚信做人带来的精神安慰。



This week’s topic of LOCSS’s Character Development is “integrity”, it started with simple activities, all the students thought about what kind of friends we need to make, and also talked about the importance of  “integrity”.

In the class, teachers showed a video called “what would you do if you found a lost wallet”, the end of the story is as a bit of a surprise. Students understood that “integrity” lets people be spiritually comfortable.

Teachers showed students pictures and asked students to compare the pictures and told stories which then led to the three elements of “integrity”: be honesty, inside equals outside, and keep your promises. Students told the stories about the integrity of teachers、friends、and relatives.

Students talked about lack of integrity in “food safty”, “medical treatment and public health” and “scientific research”. After today’s class, all the students understood the importance of integrity, and we anticipate their completed tasks assigned from the class.

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